It’s time for the next scheduled marketing meeting with your team and you’re coming to the table with one major proposal: We need a Copywriter.

You're already sold on the fact that your business needs a professional Copywriter, but you need some help making the case to...

The short answer is yes! Having a strategy means that you have plans and tactics in place to reach a specific goal. Without a plan, it’s very difficult to keep track of your progress. And if you can’t track your progress to ensure that you’re making the necessary headw...

As a thought leader in your industry, you know you need to produce content that your clients and customers can relate to. Great content not only showcases your expertise, it also builds your platform and connects you with your audience.

However, content creation is a lo...

After a horrific month of construction in our house, resulting from a collapsed pipe (and then realizing we needed to replace all of our piping), I've recently received more invoices in one week than I would ever want in a lifetime. I'm not happy about having to pay th...

It's the dreaded word for business owners and executives who have never done one before: blog

This simple four-letter word causes headaches, increased heart rates and many eye rolls.  But, why?

Typically, most business leaders will fall into one of these two buckets:

  • ...

In all the craziness of Cyber Monday, nothing seemed to stand out to me. In fact, it made me NOT shop on one of the most popular shopping days of the year.

Morning people have always annoyed me.  The idea of getting out of bed, feeling cheery, exercising, making coffee and eating breakfast at home rather than in the car, along with all those other things morning people do, made me anxious.  I've never been a morning perso...

Learn about a way to "read an entire book" in just 15 minutes through an app that summarizes books.

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Five ways to convince your team that "We need a Copywriter"

October 23, 2018

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