3 Ways A Blog Will Increase Your Revenue

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It's the dreaded word for business owners and executives who have never done one before: blog.

This simple four-letter word causes headaches, increased heart rates and many eye rolls. But, why?

Typically, most business leaders will fall into one of these two buckets:

  • They know they need a blog, but have no idea where to start

  • They know where to start, but don't have the time, energy or skill set to make it happen

A blog can have a massive impact on a business. However, if you're not committed to putting in the time and effort it deserves, there's no point in starting. In other words, don't blog once a month, as your time is better spent on something else.

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The good news? There is help out there for those who weren't blessed with the content writing gene. Find a freelance content writer or agency to help you formulate your ideas around a company blog, write posts frequently in your business' voice, then publish and promote them. You'll be glad you did when leads start flooding your inbox.

So, why is having a blog so important? Check out these three reasons to get moving on one today:

1. More Leads

I hinted at this idea above, but to highlight it even further, a blog will help you increase your leads. If you're sick of cold calling and cold pitching all day every day, your time will be well spent on creating, and being consistent with, a blog. According to HubSpot, over 50% of marketers they polled said building content for their company blog is their number one priority for inbound marketing.

Here's how it goes - your company decides it needs a blog, so you employ someone to research, write, publish and promote your blog. Word gets out via the internet that you have awesome insight and content in your niche, and potential customers begin to trust and read more from your company. Then, leads start coming your way.

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Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Not necessarily. It takes time, great content that is valuable to the reader, a strategy that parallels your goals (without always promoting yourself) and consistency. If you can get it right, though, it can be your golden ticket to a pile of leads in your inbox. In fact, companies with a blog end up with 67% more leads than companies that don't have one.

2. More Traffic

Most companies feature information about their products and services on their website. Their goal is usually to get more visitors to their site to learn about their offerings, create intrigue and have potential customers inquire to learn more. There's also this little known fact that 57% of the buying process is finished before the consumer ever reaches out to a company. That means, if you want your business to show up in searches, you better be where the consumers are doing their research.

One way to be a part of the pile of information consumers are sifting through is to have a great blog. Lets say you sell children's puzzles. Your ideal buyer happens to be parents of children ages three to eight. When parents are doing research, it's important that you come up in their search results. Perhaps your company recently published and promoted a blog post on the educational benefits of puzzles.


When parents of young children search for "puzzles for educational purposes", your blog post has the potential to appear in their results. They read your blog, you become a trusted resource to them and they click over to your website to see what you offer.

When a company has useful content on their blog, it leads to more traffic on their website. Usually that traffic is more qualified, which means the buyer is one step closer to becoming your customer. And, don't think only your newest posts are being read. Hubspot found that 75% of their blog's view and 90% of leads for their blog came from an old post. You know what that means. The more you blog, the more opportunities you're giving your potential buyers to find you, trust you and make a purchase from you.

3. More Customers

Ultimately, the end goal for most businesses is to acquire new buyers. Retaining current customers is just as important. Having a useful blog that offers powerful insights for both groups will help you grow your customer base. If your content gives information that's tough to find other places or sums up the facts in an easily digestible way, you'll have an advantage over your competitors who aren't blogging. Your company becomes top of mind when a consumer decides they need help in your area of expertise. They'll come to you first because you've proven through your content that you're a thought leader in your market.

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If your competitors have already mastered the art of blogging, you better jump in the game and put your own twist on new content. It's not too late to get started. Your content may resonate with some buyers better than your competition's does, and bingo, you've just scored a new customer.

Now that you're convinced your business needs a blog, you're most likely wondering where to begin. ProBlogger offers some great resources and tools to get you started. If the thought of blogging a few times a week still has you feeling weak in the knees, there are plenty of freelancer content writers and small agencies that can help. It's worth your time and investment to do your research and find a writer who can use your company's voice to start generating more leads, traffic and customers than you ever thought possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts on starting a blog.

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Kelli Anderson is the owner of Kelli Anderson Communications (KAC), where she helps businesses with content strategy, creation and management. She's a big believer that communicating your story effectively will have a positive impact on your revenue. Kelli lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ with her husband and son. She has an eye for refinishing old furniture and enjoys giving old pieces new life. She can be reached here.

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