Five ways to convince your team that "We need a Copywriter"


It’s time for the next scheduled marketing meeting with your team and you’re coming to the table with one major proposal: We need a Copywriter.

You're already sold on the fact that your business needs a professional Copywriter, but you need some help making the case to your team. A Copywriter who has the training and knowledge to create large amounts of written copy that both maintains your company's voice and supplements a sound marketing strategy comes with a price tag.

But, there is a massive amount of content waiting to be created, and you've been struggling to figure out how to get it all done. Written copy for your website, ads, social media, blog, emails and more is needed...yesterday. Ultimately, you're well aware that all of this content needs the attention of someone who knows how to craft words in a way that will connect with customers while also advancing your company's mission. .

Five ways to convince your team that it's time for a Copywriter

Need some talking points to share with your team? Here are a five ways to persuade your colleagues that it's time to invest in a professional Copywriter.

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1. Mastering the SEO mystery

SEO simply doesn't make sense to many people. It feels like some massive, confusing code that experts tell us must be cracked to obtain traffic to our websites. So, we spend hours agonizing over the secrets of search engines in hopes that we somehow figure out the right formula.

The first argument you bring to your team can be:

"We need a Copywriter who has mastered SEO."

Since a professional Copywriter already has this knowledge, handing web copy projects over can save you and your team significant time. You'll also see the traffic to your website increase and that means more eyes on your amazing new content.


2. Fabulous formatting

Your next point to make in favor of hiring a Copywriter is:

"We need a professional who understands formatting."

Headlines, bullets, and keywords aside, the purpose of creative copy is to convince readers to engage with your company. Formatting is an integral part of this process. Headlines highlight important points and bullets list information in an easy-to-digest presentation. An excellent Copywriter can even take a blog post and repurpose it into social media posts that are optimized for each channel.

A professional Copywriter knows the power of accurate formatting and creates content that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Formatting is also key to solving that SEO mystery, as it gives search engines a map of your content to follow and catalog.

3. Crafting convincing calls to action


Your third reason to hire a Copywriter is to make sure people take action:

"We need a Copywriter who can craft calls to action naturally."

No matter how important the topic of that last email you sent or blog you posted, the call to action is the most vital part of the whole thing. Without a way to tell the readers exactly what you expect them to do, it’s just another block of text – even if it’s well-written.

The call to action is a dynamic part of every marketing piece, and a great Copywriter understands how to seamlessly weave action appeals into every blog, web page, and social media post.


4. Time is money - save it

The fourth argument should be easy to make:

"We need a Copywriter who can save our team time while we do what we do best."

Time is money, and if you’re paying a team member to write for your business, you better hope that they can craft great text in a short amount of time. It’s not likely there is anyone on your team right now who was hired strictly because of their writing skills (or you probably wouldn’t be reading this).


5. Outside perspective is important

The final persuasion to your team is this:

"We need a Copywriter who isn't caught up in the day-to-day workings of our business, yet can still be our authentic voice on every piece of content produced."

A professional Copywriter comes to your business without being a part of the everyday business. That's a good thing because this prospective provides a unique look at how your company presents itself to the outside world. Sometimes you and your team can just be too close to the business and the copy you use might not have the same meaning to "outsiders".

Hire a Copywriter and watch your business flourish

You are now fully armed and ready to attend that meeting and convince your team that it’s about time you hire a professional Copywriter. However, if you (or your team) need more help understanding all the ways a Copywriter can help your business to flourish and grow, let’s chat.

Book a call today to discover how KAC can help your business reach the next level with a professional Copywriter.

Kelli Anderson is the owner of KAC, where she helps businesses with content strategy, creation and management. She's a big believer that communicating your story effectively will have a positive impact on your revenue. Kelli lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ with her husband and son. She has an eye for refinishing old furniture and enjoys giving old pieces new life. She can be reached here.

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